"Newman Optics has consistently provided excellent service to our family. We discovered that Ruth is one of the few that offer Orthokeratology. Her friendliness and willingness to spend time to explain to our 10 year old son, this new technology, is testament to her excellent service and product knowledge. It has been more than a year since Enzo has used Ortho-K lenses and we regularly visit for check-ups. Now even my father and mother go to her for glasses. I highly recommend a visit to Newman Optics for glasses. You won't be disappointed."

Ramesh Veloo,

Father of Enzo,
Ortho-K Customer of NewMan Optics
22 Oct 2014

"New Man Optics is not just an ordinary neighbourhood optical shop where you go to fix your spectacles for your myopic problem.

The shop is manned by a professionally trained optometrist. Ruth Chen. She provides professional advice on a whole range of issues pertaining to health and well being of your eyes including cataract, glaucoma etc. Though small, her shop is well equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and apparatus to help her with her professional roles.

My grandson, my wife and I are regular customers of Ruth since 2011. We are very happy with the care and services provided. She has a way to make young children feel comfortable and my grandson (now 4 years' old) is very fond of her. It is nice to know that we have someone to rely on whenever we need advice on our eye health."

Tan Hong Choon,

Regular Customer of Newman Optics
9 Dec 2014

My family and I have been to Newman Optics for a few years now. They have served us very well all these years. Ruth is a professional with up to date information. She has provided us accurate prognosis and has given us good advice.

My three children have been wearing orthok . My son’s degrees have dropped from 400 & 450 to 300 & 350. She also sent my children constant reminders for eye check up. Ruth is patient with the customers and always quote us reasonable prices.

My youngest daughter’s degrees have been maintaining at 175 & 125.

We are very satisfied with her professional service.

Mr Beh Kee Teng,

Regular Customer of Newman Optics
27 Dec 2017